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Friday, December 17, 2010

For some weeks now, the only thing on peoples lips is RoadBlock. The
first time i heard of it i thought maybe something was wrong or going
on on major roads only to see the poster. Yesterday being 16th of
december was the so called roadblock and the crowd there could on be
compared to Night Of Glory, it was as if life was finally given to
coal city as almost every young person in town came to withness this
event. The gist in town was that Duncan mighty,flavour,waga g and
vector killed the show as the crowd kept screaming encore...
Mohits didnt live up to expectations at the show and dbanj was worse
off as he didnt sing any of his new songs. Pictures of the show are
coming soon so watch out.


Seasons Greetings! Hope you are having a wonderful time because i am having the time of my life. I know its been long since i blogged and to tell you the truth it hasn't been easy on THE OTHER SIDE. I have been through alot in the past six months and it has helped changed my opinion about alot of things.

The good thing is that am back and am feeling myself like my balls were missing lol. I would like to welcome my new readers and old readers. The diary of a good girl gone bad continues and also expect new stuff. In case you don't know what the blog is about then you are on a long thing...... The other side is my diary and journal about my life and opinion on different things happening around the globe.
Don't forget today is friday so put on your dancing shoes or grab your drinking glasses and go have fun!!!! Cheerss

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Diary of a Good Girl gone Bad

Dear diary, I guess its only you I can talk to. I'm kinda lost in life for now, am struggling to make ends meet while schooling. Life hasn't been a bed of roses and money is not easy to come by. My parents are late and my uncles are just managing to send me to school. Clothes,bags and makeup are not even in the first 100 in my scale of preference. Everyone has known my fake fendi skirt and my peep top shoes, if the shoes were alive It would ve ran away a long time ago.

Today I met Lola, a good friend of mine and she wasn't looking bad. She was dressed in the latest highway skirt and matching suspenders, her shoes were to die for. She even gave me 1k to take lunch, I wanted to refuse but on a second thought remembered how helpful and useful it would be.
I told her we need to discuss urgently and she told me to comeover at her lodge tomorrow. Today has ended and it was a success. Goodnight diary

The Diary of a Lost BOY 1

Today I woke up sweating, amidst all the cold and rain. It was another bad dream, the third in three days now. I used to be a role model among my peeps but now inside me I don't feel like much of a model talk more of playing a role. I no longer understand myself and can't find joy,peace nor tranquility in me anymore. For some weeks now, I haven't been myself and I've broken all my rules and principles. The only way I know of getting rid of these emotions and thoughts is writting which helps me understand myself better.

Am caught in between good and evil, money and sincerity, pain and love, physical and spiritual.
I've been caught up in a world of opposites, am struggling between YIN and YANG, LIGHT and DARKNESS, CONSCIOUSNESS and UNCONSCIOUSNESS. All of a sudden things don't seem right anymore, am always attracted to the dark side. I'm more succesful doing bad than good. I make more money once am on the dark side and the minute I decide that I want to do right everything goes wrong. Grades drop, lecturers hate me, friends disappear and am left with no money.

I need your help and comments

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rip DAGRIN. You're loved

They say death only takes valuables, so only prized jewels die.
If you're not loved death doesn't call. Sometimes some people are like viruses, they carry a particular feeling everywhere they go.
Whenever you see them you smile and say yes thats a talent and am happy that i took part in it.
Some people give you reason to believe that there's no limit or boundaries to love.
They show you that it doesn't matter what color,tribe or language you speak.
Some people make you believe that anybody can be anything if he dreams it and works towards it.
I never got to meet you as planned but i'm happy that i shared part of your gift. I know you'll be in a better place smiling down cos you've completed your race. You were a force and had impact on everyone who cared to look and listen.
I'll miss you and we'll all miss you.
Olayitan Olanipekun Oladapo

Friday, April 16, 2010

DaGRIN in autocrash

Rapper DAGRIN was in a very auto fatal crash yesterday. It was gathered that he hit a truck from behind and was rushed to the hospital unconscious and placed in intensive care unit. The Nissan Maxima was badly damaged and it was a miracle for him to make it out of the car with a cut and a broken jaw.
As at yesterday, his manager and family released a report saying that he has regained consciousness.
Please let us all pray for his quick recovery.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


For some weeks now i've been getting text messages, seeing people's status update on facebook, reading papers and stuff saying DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM HAUSA, ITS POISONED. So I ask northerners is this the solution to your problems ? I've lived in the north and i know that these people can be unreasonable at times but lets look at it from a reasonable side of view. I am poor and i grow crops as my major source of income, one day my brother has problems with one of my major customer and i decide to poison the crops so that i can kill him when he buys it. It'll make my brother and family members happy but i'll end up loosing my job. Thats the way i see it. What do you think ?


We start another week to continue from where we stopped last week. Have we achieved all we mapped out last week, how is our progress chart looking ? Are we satisfied with our results and we ready to do more to improve.

Every sunday i just sleep all through the day, watch tv or gist. After all these at night, i normally lie down turn off the lights and try to go back to the previous sunday. I trace my way from sunday to saturday and analyse my progress. I tick out the goals achieved and re write the ones missed.

Life isn't very fair as we all know but we can't just give up because it's not fair or because things didn't work out our way. Instead we hope for a better tomorrow and aspire for greater heights, tear off the old page and set targets on a fresh page.

Today try to re walk through the days of the previous week and see what you've achieved and where you've fallen during the week. It'll help you know where you're headed this week and what to expect. If you Master yourself then you would bring out the best in you.

-Know yourself and your limits
-Don't make decisions on impulse, always think of the positive and negative effects of your decisions
-Make a list, it is always important. It can be written down or just noted mentally. Lists help remind you of your targets.
-Spend wisely & only when its on the list.

Have a Nice week ahead.

Please avoid the rains and take your umbrellas, there's been rumors about an acidic down pour through out this week

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Back To School

After eight (8) months of been on internship, all i can say is that its not easy to fit back into the school system especially a private institution. I've been running around trying to tidy up one or two things and it hasn't been easy at all.

I didn't know i will miss school this much; the environment, the classes, my friends and the life. Nevertheless i will still give anything to redo my internship. It was a wonderful and fun experience.

Since i've started blogging in school that means i've finally settled down. Have a nice weekend

Monday, March 8, 2010


The cold wind blew over her shoulder, tears formed around her eye as she sat in the desert trying to regain her energy. She was only ten but during the last few days she has experienced what some grown ups would never see.

Eerie sounds continued with strong winds as she tried to brace herself and hope for a better tomorrow. There was no shelter to hide or rest, the desert sand sent dust particles into her eyes yet she continued walking. Michelle was the only survivor in a family of four and was the only one still free or alive in a clan of about a hundred people. Yet she still managed to smile and believe that as long as there was life there was hope.

Her journey started a week ago when the jawa soldiers attacked their village and forced them to join in their fight. Both young, old men and women were taken, pregnant women and the elderly were shot at sight as they were a liability to the soldiers. The civil war had escalated and the jawans were close to victory but they all knew the government wouldn't give up easily. Rumors had it that both sides had international sponsors and aides. The president wasn't going to just let them win, he had declared a state of emergency and asked for the UN's intervention.

Tony was a strong and caring father, and his daughters loved him so much. He was forced to join the army and he showed no resistance. His wife and kids went into hiding because of the militants who wanted to take them into the camp. Blood sacrifices have been made by both families and militia. Tony was brave and strong, one night he killed the guard on patrol and escaped into the forest.

Thoughts filled michelle as she walked lifelessly hoping that the promised help would come. She tried to erase the thoughts of the war and focus on other things but nothing seemed to be in place. Michelle run she heard from a distance and she was on the run again, it sounded like her fathers voice then she turned back and there was nothing chasing her just sand. She wanted to cry but consoled herself with these words "it is not over until it is over." Atleast i'm alive she said to herself, i could start afresh and have a bright future.

Mile after mile she continued, she couldn't see far because there was no moon. Michelle crouched as if she saw something but it was an illusion. She remembered how Tony jumped on land mine to protect michelle and her sister. He was blown to pieces and they were covered with blood and flesh. She never understood the phrase Love makes you do crazy things till that day.
As michelle and Angela continued their journey they passed alot of villages been burnt, families seperated and killed. They struggled to reach the desert but Angela couldn't make it.

It was almost dawn when Michelle realised she had been walking for two days straight. She never knew she had such strength in her, she wished she was strong enough to stop her sister from committing suicide. Angela couldn't stand all the stress, fear, vilocence and gore. She was 16 and was going through the hardest change in life puberty. She often had mood swings, unnecessary aggression and didn't understand why life was just so difficult. After they lost their mom and dad, michelle thought angela would understand but she didn't, she thought life was so unfair and cruel. She pulled out her fathers gun, told michelle to keep walking and not look back then she put the gun on her head and pulled the trigger. Michelle wished she had refused to keep walking but she remembered the last she disobeyed her elder sister, the fight and the beatings she got talk more of when she had a gun.

Daybreak was fast approaching and michelle was still walking with the last strength she could summon, she was very thirsty and hungry. All the stored glucose in her body had been exhausted and it was only faith that kept her alive. Her body was not willing but her spirit was, random bible verses flashed in her mind "man shall not live by bread alone but by everyword that comes out of the mouth of God." She could imagine paul saying "we fight not against flesh and blood but against principalities and power." She could remember the psalms saying "the angel of lord will take charge of you, he will not let you strike your feet upon a stone nor let harm befall you." All these gave her courage and motivation to take more steps. She walked a few more hours and collapsed.

From afar some UN soldiers noticed a little girl collapse, they ran towards her with water. They poured water on michelle and she regained consciousness for a while. She opened the piece of paper which her sister had given to her before killing herself it read EVERYONE WILL BE TESTED ACCORDING TO HIS STRENGTH. She smiled and fainted again, you're safe now a soldier said we knew you would make it, your dad was a good man.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Last week monday i was on my way to owerri by bus. I took the first ABC bus to leave Enugu. I was suprised to find out that 10 out of 14 passengers knew themselves from the bus because they travel together every monday back to their offices. The bus felt like a family parlour we were all chatting, talking about random things ranging from politics to education and youths, it was all going on well until someone talked about driving from enugu to okigwe in 45minutes. It caused alot of commotion and arguments in the bus and then we finally resolved it. It was practically impossible even by me. I've driven to Umuahia from Enugu and it took me an hour tops with all the speed and clear road on a sunday morning not to add that the car is an automatic transmission to get to okigwe.

We arrived owerri safely and i was starting to ask myself if this was the so called CLEAN & GREEN city that has been hyped all around the country. First of all was Imsu junction, it was nothing to write home about and that's the first place you see once you get into THE HEARTLAND state. The roads were poorly maintained, newly constructed roads looked liked what was built by village contractors because it had no plan. Some roads were water logged and flooded with dirt floating all over, i stopped at ABC park along mbaise road and the roads were quite neat. I took a KIM KIM as it is called to where i was headed and i was so disappointed that a commercial city like owerri with roads linking onitsha, portharcourt and Aba which were sources of goods was so poorly developed.

The only luck Owerri has is that its weather is very favourable, so everywhere you look you'll see grasses i guess thats what they mean by GREEN.

From my own perspective i don't think owerri is really been taken care of and most of its citizen do not care. Its not my state and its not my fight. Owerri is definitely GREEN BUT NOT CLEAN

*KIM KIM- modified KEKE NAPEP with doors fan and car steering instead of the usual motorcycle one. It looks like what you see at a recreational center.

*pics courtesy of Uche Nwora

Sunday, February 28, 2010


Five days after the return of the president, (as they told us because no one has seen him neither has he spoken to anyone) the kitchen cabal/cabinet has started falling apart.
It is time for Nigerians to stand up and do what they ought to. Nigerians cannot sit and fold their hands while selfish and power hungry individuals in the name of politicians destroy our country and future. We all know that Yaradua is incapable of leading this country, so let us all fight for his retirement or impeachment. The kitchen cabinet ministers must be removed and all ministers re shuffled. Let us save nigeria by doing the right thing. Join us on our march
You can also join our group on facebook via savenigerigroup

Kemi Adetiba - Director Extraordinaire and First lady.

You're currently wondering who Kemi Adetiba is ?
She's a Nigerian radio and tv presenter, DJ, Producer, Director and Entrepreneur. She has broken bounds in directing and producing.

Kemi Adetiba a graduate of Law from the university of lagos, former presenter on rhythm 93.7,tv host on MNET's Studio 53 and an entertainer is a force to reckon with in the music video and movie industry. With breath-taking videos like:
Ty Bello's - Ekundayo
HHWA-A prize to die for
Missipn- maga no need pay
and my best of them all Lagos Party by Banky W to mention a few. Miss Adetiba is moving strong and breaking bounds in production and directing. She was also part of the production crew for the movie - DUPLICITY featuring Julia Roberts and Clive Owen as well as the movie BREAKING THE SHELL by Italian director Tommaso Bosco.

The 30 yr old producer left her job at Studio 53 for the New york Film Academy to study Film Production after which she started working on various projects. She also plans to return back to school to study cinematography.

Kemi is no doubt talented and gifted in what she does. Rumors have it that she's currently working on her own show titled

For now kemi is juggling jobs between New york city and Las gidi. To catch up on kemi you can follow her twitter @kemiadetiba.

Kemi Adetiba continues to inspire nigerians home and abroad and challenges a lot of female directors and producers.


Personality goes beyond external appearance. It includes a variety of traits and qualities that attract the person concerned.

1. Be interested in people. Try to discover what other people want. Their likes,dislikes,interests and belief. This will make you attractive and pleasing to others.

2. Assume that people like you. If you don't have self confidence in yourself then people wont want to meet you. People are attracted to confidence and once you're, you'll be a people magnet.

3. Admit your weakness, nobody is perfect and people all have limits. To improve your personality you need to accept your defects and let people accept you for who you are rather than what you are.

4. Admire and praise people. Tell them how attractive they look and make them feel how important they are to you. Let it be from your heart and people will also admire and praise you.

5. Associate with people who are successful and happy. Seek the companionship of others who can give you new points of view, renewed hopes and meaningful life. Misery they say is contagious so avoid miserable people.

6. Attend social gatherings. Social gatherings can increase your circle of friends. Social events can also give you new insight and experiences. It can help improve your relationship with other people and your community. Attend parties, weddings, seminars as they would give you new insights and experiences.

7. Change your environment. Go on vacations and try other places. See the world or another state. The more you travel the more exposed you become.

8. Learn new things, find things you love it could be music, art, anything you love or admire and try learning it or atleast know more about it. People love to meet crafty and multi talented people.

Your personality keeps growing as you grow and its a lifelong process.

Happy Birthday to Me.

Last week thursday was my birthday, that was the same day i went to Air Force Base. I had lots of fun, got lots of texts, calls,mails and presents. I didn't think people would remember and i was so surprised even the least expected friends called. Thanks to everyone for making it a wonderful one especially my Baby, i spent most of the day with her. I love you all and Her more. :)
Also thanks to a few artists that showed me love, wish you all success in your careers.

Friday, February 26, 2010


Yesterday i was opportuned to go to the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Base in Enugu. I had some stuff to do there. On coming in stopped at the security post, it was empty and i needed someone to direct me on where to find an officer. As i was walking back i heard people talking behind the post and decided to check out if it was the officer on duty.

As i walked towards them, the next thing i heard was gun cocks and points at me, the officer shouted bloody civilian lie down there, are you crazy, do you know what it means to put on uniform. I was confused, my brain made a thousand calculations on possible ways to either dodge the bullet or run out as i was still close the gate. Luckily the voice said "will you get off that parade ground now before i shoot and lie down there" In my mind i said who sent me is this what am going to do today ? In a split second i got off the parade ground which i just realised i was standing on and suddenly as if already programmed i spoke in hausa telling the man sorry i didn't know because he spoke with am hausa accent. He was shocked and so happy to hear me talk to him in hausa put away the gun and told me to come. I walked round the parade ground not even stepping an inch close to it.
We talked in hausa, he asked me who i was looking for, where i came from and if i was hausa. I lied to him that i was. I know lots of local govt areas and villages. He told me i was at the wrong base and directed me to 305 flying school here in Enugu.

On getting to the flying school, i was careful not to mistakenly step on their parade ground. I asked the security guy for who i came to see and luckily the guy already knew i was coming. The person who sent me was a commandant in the army and the person he sent me to was also high ranking in the air force. I was treated like an army off duty because i was on mofty. They asked me how my base was i just replied fine and he looked at me. I just smiled and told them i was in a hurry.
I met the man and we went to their quarters, it was very neat, each room i peeped into was organised and i was suprised because in the army people live in dust bins for quarters. He took me to the air field were some pilots were learning how to fly, showed me around and finally gave me what i came for Air Force Entrance Exam Scratch Card. He said you'll love it here in the air force and left. I told him goodbye and left.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


After staying outside the country for more than 90 days, Umaru Yar'adua has made it back, so they say. No one has seen him or seen any video, all we saw was a photo of a convoy with an ambulance and that leaves me wondering what his wife and some northern leaders are upto. For now we can't say but i've got a lot of crazy thoughts and ideas in my head.

1. Clone: If the reports we heard last year was true about the president dying on 10 december 2009, it could be possible they've been stalling us and lying to us to gain more time to create a clone. I'm just saying its possible, there a lot of northerners that look like the president and with little cosmetic surgery....

2. Imbecile: If he was actually brain dead as they say, then we might have doctors forge a report and tell us he's ok and fit to run the country. You know what that means, his wife does the politics, steal the funds and ends up destroying the country because militants would come back and she doesn't like them. If we're lucky we get only a civil war and lots of casualties, Massob( movement for the actualisation of the sovereign state of biafra) strikes and blows up niger bridge to cut off northerners looks up Enugu markudi road and declare themselves independent.

If we're not lucky then we get two civil wars because after biafra declares itself a country. It will have to fight out militants because they wont just lay their arms and watch others rule them, they will equally want to be on their own selling oil. Anyway it goes it is still bad.

3. Retires: The president retires peacefully and hands over to Goodluck we all live in peace(if thats what we're living in now) for a while till elections. PDP will not want GoodLuck for second term because the guy wont listen to them and internal war starts in the party this can lead to three outcomes

a. PDP falls and another party wins. This is least likely to happen.

b. PDP splits after turning the laws upside down and we end up having Pdp old school and pdp all stars. The stronger wins

c. Military gets tired of watching all these rubbish does a coupe and we're back where we started.

*All pictures were found online. *

Lock UP

Aids is real and i don't think pre-marital sex is worth it. Abstain if you want to stay alive :)


i am still working on my campaign to inspire Nigerians around the globe. I'm currently lost in my plans and thoughts so i think i'll take a break. I've been getting discouraged by many people telling me to stop dreaming and wasting my time. I don't give up easily not on this one. If you have suggestions and tips i'll really appreciate it.

Nigerian Movies

I used to be an art critic, i never saw anything interesting and i thought anyone is an Art class instead of science was wasting their time and money. Recently i started seeing the science of art and was pretty impressed.

Was at a friends yesterday and he told me to watch a nigerian movie. I hate Nigerian movies with a passion, my mom and sisters spend the whole day watching African Magic(should be called African Garbage). I've not seen any creativity in the Nigerian movie industry or Nollywood as it is critically called.

He convinced me to watch that it was different and i decided to do what i call fast play because i cant stand the movies. The movie was titled FORBIDDEN FRUIT, i was not impressed one bit. The director had no idea of what he was doing, the movie was unordered and either the story writer or script writer wasn't thinking well when he wrote it. Finally finished going through it and it wasn't worth it.

I keep asking myself where are the young directors, actors and creative minds. How come only the same faces fill billboards and screens. The music industry has managed to break out with directors like clearance peters,wudi,djini,dj tee,oshodi,mex and others except sesan(mo-hits director) who has shown he has no talent at all just luck. Cant they see the quaility of Nigerian videos and how good the videography is.
I think Nollywood should be closed, a strong critics community and magazine should be started to kill it. Then fresh new faces should be auditioned and young reasonable directors show off their skills. We really need script writers and story tellers because all nigerian movies look alike.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Am afraid

As the year comes to an end, i fear that i wont be able to cope with the trend.

I sit silently in the dark talking to The One that's close to my heart.

But she fears also, wat will next year bring, will it wipe off her tears or will it be like past years.

I sit and ponder, these marvels make me wonder, if i deserve it.

Have i made good use of the last or am i just going to re-live my past.

Its minutes to midnight, i close my eyes and my demons are in sight. Full of fright but the only way out is to fight.

Another decade fades and quickly time dissolves. Everyone is busy makin resolves. I ask myself if a new resolution is needed or a few solutions to the ones seeded.

simultaneously these thoughts run through our minds like equations of a kind. More like a blind leading his kind.

But there's hope, it gives us the strength we need to cope. It is the reason why we try again and forget the pains of failure.

I wrote this some minutes after new year, it was what i was feeling as at then.

She's a GUN

I was opportuned to hold a gun and shoot it at a still target. I got alot of feelings and temptations while holding that piece. Its beautiful though and bullets are just like jewelries.

Her beauty is one of a kind, her curves are of perfect design.

She's loved by all races and feared in most cases.
Her lips are hot whenever she talks.

she can disguise in many sizes and shapes,yet she's still the same(i love her when she's disguised as a colt). Even though she's old, she's not ashame.

Whenever am with her everyone respects me but in their minds they detest me.

To those who have her she brings power and satisfaction. The power of her attraction is in seduction.

Her colors are a thing of attraction,whenever she talks there's never a distraction.

You could handle her anyway and she'll still be loyal. You could make her sad but she'll still be jovial.

She's hardly clothed and sends chills down the spine of her viewers.

Some people finger her all day but she prefers foreplay.

To alot of people she has brought heart aches &heart breaks.

Some lost their loved ones to her because friendship means nothing to her.

She and her lover have no hearts yet their love is stronger than wine and sweeter than vine.

She'll never change in time and i know she'll never be mine.

All her lovers know no peace, their minds are never at ease.

Her name is the most popular name of our time, she's the highest cause of death.


Colt .45 revolver.
Beretta Pkseries.
Desert Eagle.

Extracted from "Will€: The Life."

i am scared

Hi, i guess you must have been seeing Extracted frm WillE THE LIFE. I started writing a book with different stories and random thoughts with notes at the begining of each chapter which has been all i've been posting.

I am scared,
sweat dripping all over my palm. Cold feet but i need to be calm.

Its that feeling again, my mind is racing, i can hear her footsteps coming.

She's right in front of me. I'm paralysed, cant move my hands,just trying to visualize .

We're looking at each other, smiling and using word play on one another, waiting for the first person to grab the other.

My pulse is rioting and my chances are getting thin. My skin is itching cos am filled with this feeling.

But am still scared, i wonder if its the right time. If she's that type.

I summon courage, my emotions outraged. Took a step further, my lips were eager she had no choice like a beggar.

Her lips tasted like cedar, her hips were shaped like a guitar. She smelled like cigar,though the addiction was sweeter.

And finally there was a kiss, we were both frozen in bliss. My heart stopped as if it rests in peace....

She smiles, i see the twinkle in her eyes, it made me forget that time flies. I kiss her again, only to find out it was all lies....

What was i thinking, i forgot i've been drinking suddenly i wake to find out i was dreaming.

Extracted from "Will€: The Life"


Woke up after two or three hours of sleep(slept while listening to Linkin Park-Hands held high). Just a thought about what our country Nigeria has turned into.

Every morning i wake with tears in eye cos nowadays people live with fears in their mind.

When these politicians come in,
people are scared and start runnin.
Its no longer about knowing somethin,
its all about money and fist pumpin.
I want to risk somethin
take back what's mine. Do something i know they'll attack me for,
cos am sick of been treated like i had before.
Like its stupid to fight for what am fightin for.

Fuck amnesty i don't intend to stop fighting,
cos this is a new brand of war that i am selling and it doesn't carter the rich and abandon the poor.

These old men telling me to have some respect, while they stash cash at the back of their jet.

On the news these leaders just talk away, waiting for 9'o clock news to replay at the end of the day, everybody is angry and walks away

The senate just approved a bill, they say its the best health centre but the president is ill. All they care about is who signs the cheque, the president can go abroad for medical check.

The world is cold and only bold men take action. We wanted democracy but they gave us a faction. No dividends not even a fraction. My hands on the trigger and they're begging for compassion like it wasn't their faults and wasn't their actions

kidnapping is the order of d day, but no politician has ever disappeared for a day. The youths claim tough but cant fight for their rights today.
80 million youths all want a short cut but these men are wiser and cut them short.

The military is worse than a girls scout now, armed forces are worse than zombies wow. They sit back and stare collect bribes and share while we're living in hell.

I used to hold a book with pride but nowadays people will laugh at you sayin it doesn't provide enough food on the table and gas in d tank. They if you're educated you'll never own the bank you'll end being the highest officer in rank.

Extracted from "Will€: The Life"


Last year alot of my friends suffered from different addictions ranging from alcohol to narcotics. One evening i sat down jobless and decided to test my writing skills because alot of my friends are either into script writing,poetry and what have you. This is what i wrote:
They look at me but they cant see the real me. They only see an image of their self. I play their fantasies, satisfy their strongest desires. They trust and believe me because they feel comfortable around me. I show them only a little of what they want to see, tell them a piece of what they want to hear, yet they are intoxicated by me. I pick my targets carefully, study them,try to think like them before i lure them. I am an illusion yet am as real as they can feel. Whenever they look into my eyes they are charmed by me. I have no emotions i have no feelings yet with me they get loads of it.
Whenever they try to understand my ways they get lost and confused. They loose everything they've ever felt with me. Still they cant live without me cos they're addicted to me. I am one of the strongest things humans fight. Some fight me for a lifetime, some fight me for years while others months and weeks. Only the Strongest fight their way through cos i can never been won entirely. My effects might go away for sometime but i silently return, eating you up slowly till you cant do without me.

Extracted from "Will€: The Life"


I've been more of a mystery to my friends for sometime. Nobody really knows what am about or who i am. Its funny how i can still read them in seconds while they continue endlessly trying to figure me out. Life has been fair and i've been on both sides of the yin yang. If people's age were measured by experience i guess i'll be about 70yrs old or more lol. For a long time now i've been contemplating if my life needs a blog or should i just keep quite and let my thoughts eat me up? But i learnt something today and the morale of it was IF YOU LEARN LATE,SHARE IT WITH OTHERS SO THEY CAN LEARN EARLY. I'll be posting random thoughts,imaginations,fictions and events that happen in my life. Thanks for reading and Have fun. Inspire someone today.