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Sunday, March 21, 2010


For some weeks now i've been getting text messages, seeing people's status update on facebook, reading papers and stuff saying DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM HAUSA, ITS POISONED. So I ask northerners is this the solution to your problems ? I've lived in the north and i know that these people can be unreasonable at times but lets look at it from a reasonable side of view. I am poor and i grow crops as my major source of income, one day my brother has problems with one of my major customer and i decide to poison the crops so that i can kill him when he buys it. It'll make my brother and family members happy but i'll end up loosing my job. Thats the way i see it. What do you think ?


We start another week to continue from where we stopped last week. Have we achieved all we mapped out last week, how is our progress chart looking ? Are we satisfied with our results and we ready to do more to improve.

Every sunday i just sleep all through the day, watch tv or gist. After all these at night, i normally lie down turn off the lights and try to go back to the previous sunday. I trace my way from sunday to saturday and analyse my progress. I tick out the goals achieved and re write the ones missed.

Life isn't very fair as we all know but we can't just give up because it's not fair or because things didn't work out our way. Instead we hope for a better tomorrow and aspire for greater heights, tear off the old page and set targets on a fresh page.

Today try to re walk through the days of the previous week and see what you've achieved and where you've fallen during the week. It'll help you know where you're headed this week and what to expect. If you Master yourself then you would bring out the best in you.

-Know yourself and your limits
-Don't make decisions on impulse, always think of the positive and negative effects of your decisions
-Make a list, it is always important. It can be written down or just noted mentally. Lists help remind you of your targets.
-Spend wisely & only when its on the list.

Have a Nice week ahead.

Please avoid the rains and take your umbrellas, there's been rumors about an acidic down pour through out this week

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Back To School

After eight (8) months of been on internship, all i can say is that its not easy to fit back into the school system especially a private institution. I've been running around trying to tidy up one or two things and it hasn't been easy at all.

I didn't know i will miss school this much; the environment, the classes, my friends and the life. Nevertheless i will still give anything to redo my internship. It was a wonderful and fun experience.

Since i've started blogging in school that means i've finally settled down. Have a nice weekend

Monday, March 8, 2010


The cold wind blew over her shoulder, tears formed around her eye as she sat in the desert trying to regain her energy. She was only ten but during the last few days she has experienced what some grown ups would never see.

Eerie sounds continued with strong winds as she tried to brace herself and hope for a better tomorrow. There was no shelter to hide or rest, the desert sand sent dust particles into her eyes yet she continued walking. Michelle was the only survivor in a family of four and was the only one still free or alive in a clan of about a hundred people. Yet she still managed to smile and believe that as long as there was life there was hope.

Her journey started a week ago when the jawa soldiers attacked their village and forced them to join in their fight. Both young, old men and women were taken, pregnant women and the elderly were shot at sight as they were a liability to the soldiers. The civil war had escalated and the jawans were close to victory but they all knew the government wouldn't give up easily. Rumors had it that both sides had international sponsors and aides. The president wasn't going to just let them win, he had declared a state of emergency and asked for the UN's intervention.

Tony was a strong and caring father, and his daughters loved him so much. He was forced to join the army and he showed no resistance. His wife and kids went into hiding because of the militants who wanted to take them into the camp. Blood sacrifices have been made by both families and militia. Tony was brave and strong, one night he killed the guard on patrol and escaped into the forest.

Thoughts filled michelle as she walked lifelessly hoping that the promised help would come. She tried to erase the thoughts of the war and focus on other things but nothing seemed to be in place. Michelle run she heard from a distance and she was on the run again, it sounded like her fathers voice then she turned back and there was nothing chasing her just sand. She wanted to cry but consoled herself with these words "it is not over until it is over." Atleast i'm alive she said to herself, i could start afresh and have a bright future.

Mile after mile she continued, she couldn't see far because there was no moon. Michelle crouched as if she saw something but it was an illusion. She remembered how Tony jumped on land mine to protect michelle and her sister. He was blown to pieces and they were covered with blood and flesh. She never understood the phrase Love makes you do crazy things till that day.
As michelle and Angela continued their journey they passed alot of villages been burnt, families seperated and killed. They struggled to reach the desert but Angela couldn't make it.

It was almost dawn when Michelle realised she had been walking for two days straight. She never knew she had such strength in her, she wished she was strong enough to stop her sister from committing suicide. Angela couldn't stand all the stress, fear, vilocence and gore. She was 16 and was going through the hardest change in life puberty. She often had mood swings, unnecessary aggression and didn't understand why life was just so difficult. After they lost their mom and dad, michelle thought angela would understand but she didn't, she thought life was so unfair and cruel. She pulled out her fathers gun, told michelle to keep walking and not look back then she put the gun on her head and pulled the trigger. Michelle wished she had refused to keep walking but she remembered the last she disobeyed her elder sister, the fight and the beatings she got talk more of when she had a gun.

Daybreak was fast approaching and michelle was still walking with the last strength she could summon, she was very thirsty and hungry. All the stored glucose in her body had been exhausted and it was only faith that kept her alive. Her body was not willing but her spirit was, random bible verses flashed in her mind "man shall not live by bread alone but by everyword that comes out of the mouth of God." She could imagine paul saying "we fight not against flesh and blood but against principalities and power." She could remember the psalms saying "the angel of lord will take charge of you, he will not let you strike your feet upon a stone nor let harm befall you." All these gave her courage and motivation to take more steps. She walked a few more hours and collapsed.

From afar some UN soldiers noticed a little girl collapse, they ran towards her with water. They poured water on michelle and she regained consciousness for a while. She opened the piece of paper which her sister had given to her before killing herself it read EVERYONE WILL BE TESTED ACCORDING TO HIS STRENGTH. She smiled and fainted again, you're safe now a soldier said we knew you would make it, your dad was a good man.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Last week monday i was on my way to owerri by bus. I took the first ABC bus to leave Enugu. I was suprised to find out that 10 out of 14 passengers knew themselves from the bus because they travel together every monday back to their offices. The bus felt like a family parlour we were all chatting, talking about random things ranging from politics to education and youths, it was all going on well until someone talked about driving from enugu to okigwe in 45minutes. It caused alot of commotion and arguments in the bus and then we finally resolved it. It was practically impossible even by me. I've driven to Umuahia from Enugu and it took me an hour tops with all the speed and clear road on a sunday morning not to add that the car is an automatic transmission to get to okigwe.

We arrived owerri safely and i was starting to ask myself if this was the so called CLEAN & GREEN city that has been hyped all around the country. First of all was Imsu junction, it was nothing to write home about and that's the first place you see once you get into THE HEARTLAND state. The roads were poorly maintained, newly constructed roads looked liked what was built by village contractors because it had no plan. Some roads were water logged and flooded with dirt floating all over, i stopped at ABC park along mbaise road and the roads were quite neat. I took a KIM KIM as it is called to where i was headed and i was so disappointed that a commercial city like owerri with roads linking onitsha, portharcourt and Aba which were sources of goods was so poorly developed.

The only luck Owerri has is that its weather is very favourable, so everywhere you look you'll see grasses i guess thats what they mean by GREEN.

From my own perspective i don't think owerri is really been taken care of and most of its citizen do not care. Its not my state and its not my fight. Owerri is definitely GREEN BUT NOT CLEAN

*KIM KIM- modified KEKE NAPEP with doors fan and car steering instead of the usual motorcycle one. It looks like what you see at a recreational center.

*pics courtesy of Uche Nwora