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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Diary of a Good Girl gone Bad

Dear diary, I guess its only you I can talk to. I'm kinda lost in life for now, am struggling to make ends meet while schooling. Life hasn't been a bed of roses and money is not easy to come by. My parents are late and my uncles are just managing to send me to school. Clothes,bags and makeup are not even in the first 100 in my scale of preference. Everyone has known my fake fendi skirt and my peep top shoes, if the shoes were alive It would ve ran away a long time ago.

Today I met Lola, a good friend of mine and she wasn't looking bad. She was dressed in the latest highway skirt and matching suspenders, her shoes were to die for. She even gave me 1k to take lunch, I wanted to refuse but on a second thought remembered how helpful and useful it would be.
I told her we need to discuss urgently and she told me to comeover at her lodge tomorrow. Today has ended and it was a success. Goodnight diary

The Diary of a Lost BOY 1

Today I woke up sweating, amidst all the cold and rain. It was another bad dream, the third in three days now. I used to be a role model among my peeps but now inside me I don't feel like much of a model talk more of playing a role. I no longer understand myself and can't find joy,peace nor tranquility in me anymore. For some weeks now, I haven't been myself and I've broken all my rules and principles. The only way I know of getting rid of these emotions and thoughts is writting which helps me understand myself better.

Am caught in between good and evil, money and sincerity, pain and love, physical and spiritual.
I've been caught up in a world of opposites, am struggling between YIN and YANG, LIGHT and DARKNESS, CONSCIOUSNESS and UNCONSCIOUSNESS. All of a sudden things don't seem right anymore, am always attracted to the dark side. I'm more succesful doing bad than good. I make more money once am on the dark side and the minute I decide that I want to do right everything goes wrong. Grades drop, lecturers hate me, friends disappear and am left with no money.

I need your help and comments