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Friday, December 17, 2010

For some weeks now, the only thing on peoples lips is RoadBlock. The
first time i heard of it i thought maybe something was wrong or going
on on major roads only to see the poster. Yesterday being 16th of
december was the so called roadblock and the crowd there could on be
compared to Night Of Glory, it was as if life was finally given to
coal city as almost every young person in town came to withness this
event. The gist in town was that Duncan mighty,flavour,waga g and
vector killed the show as the crowd kept screaming encore...
Mohits didnt live up to expectations at the show and dbanj was worse
off as he didnt sing any of his new songs. Pictures of the show are
coming soon so watch out.


Seasons Greetings! Hope you are having a wonderful time because i am having the time of my life. I know its been long since i blogged and to tell you the truth it hasn't been easy on THE OTHER SIDE. I have been through alot in the past six months and it has helped changed my opinion about alot of things.

The good thing is that am back and am feeling myself like my balls were missing lol. I would like to welcome my new readers and old readers. The diary of a good girl gone bad continues and also expect new stuff. In case you don't know what the blog is about then you are on a long thing...... The other side is my diary and journal about my life and opinion on different things happening around the globe.
Don't forget today is friday so put on your dancing shoes or grab your drinking glasses and go have fun!!!! Cheerss