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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Candy Man

Hello! How have you been? Hope your week wasn't as bad as mine! Was on the road from monday to wednesday and the rains weren't helping. I had to walk around in my Wille™ wonka custume with a pocket full of candies for the kids...lol. Anyway so its still the same old me and I promised am gonna tweet more and post more fun stuff and all. Am also gonna be tweeting random pics and am working on something cool for you'all....top secret though.

My week wasn't very different from yours! Last week saturday was far better and sorry I didn't blog I was actually hiGH! It was Obinna's birthday(@kenobi4real) and we were actually hanging out with the crew. Some dudes from the streets and some dudes from school. It was a nice get together and the alcohol was massive.

This week am at home, had lots of work to do, had appointments I missed and had to catch up with and so on.
Nothing major really happened around me this week and as usual am just checking.
I hope your week was great, don't forget to mail yours...would be waiting. Have a pleasant evening. :-)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Hero Returns!

Can't believe its been six months since I've blogged, Its a reminder of how time flies. I know I've never really been consistent with the blog and all but I try as much as I can.
Nothing much has really happened in the last six months apart from me graduating, starting up my production and management company. Still in talks with corporate affairs but we are up and running.

School wasn't really easy especially when you're in a private school. A lot of people think private schools are easier than public schools but I doubt that. School is the same no matter which one you attend. The only difference is the name.

I have always been in love with pictures. Can't remember when exactly I fell in love with motion pictures but photography is something I've done almost all my life. I love taking pictures of people, events etc and I hardly take any of myself. I love telling stories and I think I have a wild imagination so I try to combine both. Am working on a feature that should be out by next year 2012, its a short movie and is about LOVE (something I run away from).

I wanted to throw a really big graduation party and call all my friends, but on a second thought I was like "its just graduation duh! What have you achieved that they haven't?" That made me ponder on my life for a couple of days so I just had a little get together on a friday evening and we just hung out all night and I took care of the bills.

Anyway I hope I'll be more consistent and update everyday or even twice a day (no kidding). Hope you're good and making progress in your field cos I care. And if you have time, comment or mail me. I would really appreciate that. Take care and have an awesome week ahead.