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Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Final lap

So its weekend again and as usual i've got new albums and songs to keep myself busy. Sometimes i think i should have my own entertainment show and discuss music because its something i really love...thats by the way sha. I just got LAST TRAIN TO PARIS(Diddy dirty money), BEAUTIFUL IMPERFECTION(Asha), NELLY 5.0(Nelly), LAZARUS(Travie Mccoy from gym class heroes), AFRICAN AMERICAN(Sauce Kid), DA RIPP OFF MIXTAPE(Sauce Kid), SUPER C(Naeto C) and a few more that i wouldn't like to mention in case i got it before release date. So normal me, whenever i go out to get an album i take the whole day and come back with about 20cds. This weekend is actually free for me as my exams have ended and cant wait to graduate in four months time. So this week has been very tough and rough. I broke up with my girlfriend and i wrote exams for one straight week. You know what that means, jacking till day break. I think am falling sick from stress.

So i start off with Asha because i've so much about her new album and the production quality compared to other albums. I'm all by myself in my paradise where everything is beautiful and angels are either dead musicians, actors or entertainers. I listen to her tracks and its cool and classical she has stepped up her game. I try out sauce kid's album and mixtape and wasn't that impressed. These days punchlines alone can't buy me. His word play is cool and sweet but you can't sell it to an average nigerian. I listened to Vector and i like his tracks alot cos of the way he uses his voice to relate in pidgin.
I listen to a mixtape titled No Silence by Alpha and i'm impressed with the kid. He's very cool and can tell stories. The boy is gonna go places so watch out for him.
After almost 6 hours on undiluted music my mood has changed and am feeling refreshed and ready to have fun this weekend. No limits and no girlfriend, it means i can do whatever. Anyway hope your week wasn't as bad as mine. Thanks for reading see ya.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Over the last few days, its feels like alot has changed in me mentally and spiritually. There's been a turn around in my aspirations and goals. Not that i don't want those things anymore but the motivation is different and the reasoning all different. On some days i love to take a walk around alone; it gives me time and reason to think, review and re write a few scripts in my life. Today feels good though and the feeling is different. I found out that the major thing i lack in my life is FAITH in myself and decisions i make in life. Its like my body and spirit do not agree together, one might want this and the other that. I want to work on that because thats the basis of human life. Without faith we are lost and cant make it in life. Sometimes we make decisions and expect the best results out of them when we're really doubting the possibility that it would work. I've found that a little faith in myself settles everything. I have tested this for a while now and i see no reason not to redirect my life in that path. I have been much of pessimist and in turn always prepare for the worst while hoping for the best but this hasn't paid off in any way. Instead it has made me condition my mind that things wont work out so i should get ready to find an alternative. This mistake has cost me alot this year and almost a loved one. Its a mistake i will live with forever trying to correct.

So i forgot to update on my birthday, it was on 25th february. I was sick and in the hospital, had typhoid and am still trying to figure out how i got that. Anyway it went well and am better now. Am writing my exams and its not easy รถ, i respect anyone with a university degree even if its fishery. Anyway, don't forget that its a new month so get your hustle up.